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Nov 28, 2019
UK Cumbria
Hi guys, could anyone point me in the right direction please?
Has anyone found a scanner that can remove the 'ev system requires service' message?
This appeared on car after fast charge, and it disabled the car. My nearest dealer is 70 miles away, and say they can't look at car for at least 2 weeks!
Any advice appreciated
You need an OBD2 plug in reader and an app to read the data it can provide including error codes and the ability to clear them.

Best source is (inevitably) the internet. The readers can be found reasonably easily and at a fairly cheap prices, try ebay and look for delivery dates.

Likewise lots of apps e.g. Torque Lite. They normally come as a free version or a paid one that is fully loaded.

Incidentally it would help if you added some location detaails to your profile e.g. country as model specification can vary greatly from one country to another.

Happy hunting

Oops I should follow my own advice
This message also appears during some methods of Resetting the Battery Management Unit, but clears after the car is started.

In your case it doesn't, but it's worth finding whether it's a glitch or something drastic.

Random unproven things you could try that might reset the message:

Try briefly charging with your granny charger, then try starting.

Try going in and out of aux modes.

Disconnect the earth cable from the AUX battery under the back floor flap for a while.
Jazydave said:
Thanks for reply Katmandu.
Do you think I would be able to clear the' EV system requires service' warning with such a scanner?

You will need to check out the app to see if it has that facility. Some of the free ones do but others you need to buy to get it and even then some error codes are set up so that only dealer equipment can cancel them.
Thanks for the replies guys.
After trying various suggestions. Car went into agents last week. Got it back today £240.
They found fault codes relating to flat aux batt.
The car was fine till I used fast charger. I still blame that
I'll just never have to use fast charge again.
Thanks again
I think I flattened battery try various things to clear fault. Switching it in and out of aux ect.
I think the original 'ev system requires service' fault occurred due to it being on fast charger
That seems likely. But it still leaves the original problem undiagnosed i.e what happened when it was on the fast charger. I'm not at all convinced with all this computerisation in cars. There are too many instances of a fault occurring with no fault codes logged. Not Mitsu or EV's, just all makes. I've heard so many different people having the same conversation with their garages, "There's no fault code coming up on our diagnostic reader". So as far as they're concerned, there's no problem. I want to go back to the 60's!!!!! On second thoughts - been there, done that, don't want to do it again!
I know what you mean.
I love this car, but it's frightened me a bit, with this fault coming on and being stranded and immobilized on a charge point.
It's the first fault in the six months I've owned it.
It gets three strikes then is gone.lol
Well in 5 years this has been the most expensive car I've evet owned to keep it up to scratch. Probably spent £10k on it but not a single error code, mechanical glitch etc. in sight. I keep driving into things :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
maybe your car is magnetic greendwarf, due to the amount of current from battery, increased induction. acting as a big electro magnet. lol
i'm pretty sure that when that fault came up after the fast charge, all that you had to do was disconnect the aux battery for 10 minutes and you'd be good to go again. of course the manual doesn't tell you that.
I did try disconnecting the battery is for various times, as suggested on various websites, to no avail. I spent hours trying all kinds.
It seemed to need the intervention of the agents Mitsubishi computer program to remove the fault.
I wish I could buy a scanner or something which I could have on standby, should it happen again
Without there being a fault on the car I can’t see it being the fault of the rapid charger (I’m assuming a DC rapid?). I’ve had a similar issue and it turned out to be a 12v battery which didn’t hold charge (well not much).
As you now know how they fixed it I’d buy a lion jumpstart battery (cheap as chips and small) so if it happens again you can just plug it in under the bonnet and restart the car.
I had exactly the same problem fast charging. Afterwards I got "EV system serviced required" and the car was immobilised.
It was just a quick reset with the dealer diagnostic computer.
The general garage computers won't do this. Mitsubishi Assist refused to come to the car as they said they couldn't reset it.
Also some dealers do not have diagnostic computers beyond general garage ones. Or at least say they don't.

Dealers do not seem to be aware that this can happen.

I will never fast charge again. Also I now have national recovery back to my dealer who did fix this. ( Hull Mitsubishi in UK )



P.S. by the way you can disable the parking brake on early immobilised Phevs by holding the stick in neutral while pressing the start