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New member
Aug 30, 2023
I am new here.
I own a 2014 PHEV and love it.
just recently my exhaust broke on the front pipe and my local motor factors couldn't locate one, so I was left looking for second hand ones, with no luck. I came across a post on here which gave me the part number, but still no luck.
I phoned Mitsubishi and they said possibly get one on the 5th September at a cost of £588.58 + vat.
I started looking for a company who would do me a Stainless steel one and found this company who would do it for a good price, but said he could possibly do a repair as this is a common fault on these cars.

He done the repair and it is a fantastic job, the company is:

If you need any exhaust, I would recommend giving them a try.


Any photos of the break and the subsequent repair please Lez?

It's pretty poor not to have a stainless steel system from the factory as it should be obvious that the exhaust from an engine that often only runs for a short time will have a lot of condensation and therefore corrosion.
Just wanted to say thanks for posting this Lez - I’ve had exactly this problem today, and my local garage ran into exactly this problem. I will tell them to take a look at these guys.
Thanks very much Lez. I've got the same problem on my 2014 Outlander. A break in the centre pipe just where it meets the flange connector. Rest of the pipe looks fine.

I will definitely be giving them a call.