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Aug 24, 2015
My insurance premium has doubled! UK insurance companies seem to have taken against anything with a big battery.
Does Mitsubishi have an Outlander insurance scheme, perchance? For that matter is anyone else having the same experience?
worth visiting the comparison sites. I had similar at the start of the year and searched around, opting to go with Flow s they were closer to the previous year's annual cost. It does seem that there was a big bump overall, not just for EV/hybrid cars, looks like the only way around if forget any loyalty and just jump ship to whoever you can find at a better price and terms and of course reputation for service.
Mine went up (Darwin) from just under £200 to just over £275, but I'm an old codger, so maybe that helps! That was a renewal (after switching last year because they were then the cheapest), but comparison didn't find anybody cheaper.