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Jan 5, 2024
Hi guys. I have a 2023 Outlander PHEV. Purchased new in May 2023. The rear suspension is really soft and almost bouncy when going over bumps and undulations. This is exaggerated when on the open road, to the point where it feels unsafe. I have taken it back to mitsubishi and they say there is nothing wrong. I have also looked into a heavy duty rear suspension kit, but there doesn't seem to be anything in New Zealand. Has anyone else had this issue?
Rear springs are definitely soft in this car. If the road bumps or heaving is spaced perfectly, it can get sketchy.

Only way to change that is stiffer springs and/or dampers with a different tune (way more low speed compression damping), both of which are custom things that Mitsu will never help you with in 1000 years.

This company makes lift kits with a stiffer rear spring option...or maybe you can find an off-road shop that could source something similar.
My 2021 GRS has stiffer suspension fitted as standard and feels every bump in the road. I've also looked at a lift kit, but they are not legal in Oz, god knows what it would do to the warranty, or insurance anyway. I will be looking at bigger tyres in the future.
Interesting... I have had no joy still with Mitsi, so will be pulling the rear shocks and getting a custom set of Bilsteins made for it by a shock guy here in nz. Will report back once done.
Hey there, my 2022 Outlander PHEV VRX (NZ top model) has super soft rear shocks so also been looking at solutions. where I found a Airbag kit that goes in the rear coils and designed to firm up and keep ride height same when towing / or heavy loads. Also a massive warning to others the battery has zippo protection! Basically nothing! I Accidently hit a possum and somehow it dented the battery! The car drove for a good year then decided to throw a fault code and stop the car working. (Had to be towed!) Mitsubishi said no to warranty despite the poor design and all the Marketing showing this car in ruts, mud, gravel etc! So im up for a $24K Insurance bill! As soon as its fixed im selling it, its not fit for purpose as a SUV /4WD for NZ standard roads! These are built to just take ya muppet kids to school and back.