Interesting battery range!!

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May 26, 2021
It would be nice to believe that this battery range was accurate!!

2 year old MY20 with 23,000 km.
Range after full charge 85Km

It would be nice if Mitsubishi made their algorithms available so I could understand what calculations the guessometer makes!

Somehow, to get 85Km, the clever little computer multiplied by 2 ( or thereabouts)
I don't know what information it used to do this.


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The last time I saw that value on my guessometer, it was the day after a long downhill drive.

(i.e. Started high and finished at my house, which is only 16 metres above sea level).

For most of the way, I would have been getting the benefit of regeneration.

Was your last drive similar?
No, nothing like that, Andy.
The day before was a 250km drive, and in my part of Australia, there is no really high country, so it was mostly gentle up and down, speeds up to 110 Km/hr, aircon on, outside temperature 35C, battery started at 47KM on the guessometer, finished at 2 Km ( I use Save mode when running on petrol) with most of the drive on petrol.

Recharge overnight, and there it was.... maybe the good fairies worked some magic overnight!

The "save " mode also does some, what appears to me to be, strange things.
On a recent 600Km drive, I turned on "Save" with 25Km on the meter, but at 100 Km/hr and a winding road gradually climbing to around 300 metres elevation, the meter ran down to Zero (-----).
This happened twice on that day during the 600Km drive.
I haven't noticed that before either.

I really would love Mitsubishi to be more open and inclusive. It would be great to know what the algorithm is , and understand what is going on.

I would also love to be able to see temperatures of inverters, motors and coolants. It gets hot here in our Aussie summer, and I'm a bit uneasy just relying on the computer control of them all. Another screen on the display showing these temperatures would be really great!

MUT3 gives all these temps., despite the dealer telling me that it doesn't. But, unfortunately, MUT3 doesn't give the PID for each of the sensors, and it doesn't have the ability to show all the temps. I want on one screen, and also a laptop is not suited to mounting on the dashboard.
Mitsubishi won't talk to an owner... they just answer saying " go talk to your dealer".
Given the dealer's "help" so far, not much to be gained from there.

Ah well...... nothing is perfect. But this car really suits our peculiar requirements admirably. ( almost)
I phoned our Mitsubishi dealer as our range is down around 12 miles now on our February 2015 95k car. It was booked in for last Tuesday and of course that morning the range was up around 20 miles plus :roll: It dropped pretty quickly though.

FWIW the battery was at 65.8% according to them. They ran a DBCAM last night and I'm waiting to hear what that brought it up to. If it's still less than 70%, they're gong to ask Mitsubishi for a gesture of goodwill as the battery warranty was only 5 years on my car. If it's above 70%, I'll have to pay for the DBCAM and just drive away :roll: