Level 2 charge cable not unlocking at conclusion of charge

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Sep 15, 2023
Hello, We have a 2023 Outlander PHEV and at the conclusion of a level 2 charging session our port is not unlocking. The manuals and multiple videos all indicate the port should automatically unlock once the charge is complete however ours does not. It requires that we enter the vehicle and press the "unlock charge port" button. This is a problem as it does not allow fellow Ev'ers to utilize the charging station once we have a full charge. Any ideas???
Hi there,

Other members have advised recently, that this is a setting that you can change yourself, or failing that, have it set for you by a dealer.


Apparently it is explained in the manual for the car.
As soon as you unlock a door either with fob or button on handle the charge port unlocks. You can go to settings on you main screen and there is a setting to have it unlocked all the time if thats what you want