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Dec 2, 2019
Hi Everyone,
this is my first post here so please be kind - I have searched as best I can for an answer to my query but can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem.

I've just taken delivery of a 2019MY 4H which I am delighted with. After a run of BMW and Mercedes over the last 15 years this is my first Japanese car, my first SUV and my first hybrid. With a family of four plus a dog with a commute of 18 miles I genuinely can't think of a better suited car for all of our needs. I thought I'd miss the "German-ness" of my previous cars (soft touch plastics, door thunks and modern elegant switch-gear) but none of that matters a single bit. There's a refreshing honesty about the Outlander which makes me feel that for the first time in 15 years I'm not trying to compete with other German car drivers for who has the poshest car, brightest headlights, largest wheels etc etc. Maybe now I'm a few years the wrong side of 40 these tings are irrelevant now but all the same, I find myself enjoying the Outlander for what it is.

I'm still astonished that there is nothing remotely close to the Outlander in it's segment for a similar price. Comparisons with the XC60, Range Rover, X5 etc are pointless because they cost significantly more. its about relevant as comparing a.... Hyundai i10 with a Mercedes A Class!

When I ordered my Outlander back in April I briefly considered the Rav4 Hybrid until I realised that it's not a plugin with no pure EV mode. I just can't understand why there is no direct competitor, 5 years on...

...Anyway, onto my actual reason for posting; There is a USB port in the rear of the car which our son is delighted about as he can charge his iPhone when we're out in the car as a family. However, the issue is that I have my phone plugged into the front USB port to activate CarPlay which works brilliantly but if our son's phone is plugged into the back (and listening to his own music with his wireless headphones) then every time he changes song it seems to interfere with CarPlay. The effect is slightly random; I think sometimes the car starts to play his music and other times it simply stops playing our music but his carries on through his headphones. I assume this is because the rear USB port is data-enabled too but surely there must be a way to suppress/ignore commands coming from a connected smart phone in the rear if one is already connected in the front?

Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts?

Many thanks
Couldn't agree more with your assessment of the vehicle and wonderment at why there's no competition on the market.

Anyway, to you question - why don't you change his cable to a charging only, not charging and data? It's surely as simple as that isn't it?
Hi - thanks for your response.
You raise a very good point, I'd not considered that you could buy power-only USB cables. Yes, this would solve it completely!

Thanks for the advice.
One answers is already there: buy a power only cable.
Second could be (what I have done), deactivate CarPlay on your kids iPhones.
Third one, but not easy, change the USB Port to a charge only port.