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Jan 6, 2023
Not sure about the service history of my 2015 GX4hs so I took it to the dealer for a check - especially because when I tried to connect the app, the error I got was related to the car's software being out of data so I've asked them to update it.

Rather unexpectedly, the updates made a huge difference, the car is more responsive, energy recovery is more present and B mode can actually stop the car without the brakes, hooray.

The navigation now shows DAB, USB & Bluetooth as additional options which I didn't have before! (only had FM / MW and SD)

Didn't expect such a big improvement, it was all software!?
nrayanov said:
Are you sure they only updated the software?

Exactly, that software is only for the WiFi module to upgrade the security by increasing the number of characters in the password, nothing more.

It sounds as though they've also done some kind of battery reset. Hopefully correctly, otherwise these benefits are going to be very short term.