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Jan 5, 2023
Hi. I'm interested in what Sport Mode does in my 2020 PHEV.
Sport mode in conventional ICE cars doesn't usually do very much other than change the auto shifts and sometimes sharpens up the accelerator pedal response if drive by wire, but with few exceptions are a bit lame in most cars.
Sport mode in the PHEV seems to make much more of a difference so I am interested to know what it does.

I suspect it sharpens the accelerator pedal response, but does it also increase power to the motors over normal mode. The engine pops on but thats to be expected.
What does it do for battery draw? And battery life if its to its detriment?

I drove up a familiar windy uphill road this morning with Sport mode. Also the AC on. It was a spirited drive. I noticed that my Kw remaining stayed unchanged in Sport by the top of the hill, while in normal mode with the engine running I usually gain at least 1 or 2Kw by the top of the hill.
Then I have the fun of B5 and coasting down the hill again to gain about 4Kw range by the bottom.
I am by no means an expert - 4 days into owning 2022 Outlander PHEV. Was at a dealership today and I asked about sport mode and they told me it would supply all the energy car could give from both electric and ICE to punch up the speed. Said it sucked up battery power.