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gwatpe said:
Trex said:
Hope this works so here goes and thanks to anko for permission.

I know anko has posted this before but I was hoping these will be placed in a sticky in the Technical discussions so it can be found easily for new members etc.

Note the sawtooth lines on the graph.

Regards Trex.

Had my PHEV down to 21%SOC today and what do you know, Aircon still working and the turtle did not appear. AUS shipped PHEV may still have a different firmware version with lower limits. Will see if I can get the turtle to appear, with some data to match.
The arrow pointing to the turtle comes from 20% Drive Battery SOC
The 26% line goes to the bottom of the Meter SOC

I believe, you missed the turtoise by only 1 %.....
Trex said:
One of the 10 modules with 8x1 cell batteries

Image from MMC via anko.

This from MMC.

Regards Trex.

Sorry. Not sure how to Quote a Post and post question in another section.

Great work getting these Images posted, thank you.

Wondering if you have run across any Images or information on which of the total 80 Cells go into each Module. The Modules are numbered 1 to 11 with '6' not being used.

I have been looking everywhere but have not found any info on what Cell#s go into each Module.

IE: Do Cells 1 thru 8 go into Module #1 or is it some other configuration?
PHEV07 said:
IE: Do Cells 1 thru 8 go into Module #1 or is it some other configuration?
I think the only reference to cell numbers we know of is from PHEV Watchdog or EvBatMon. Unless the creators tell me different, I am pretty sure they take their info from a single (multi frame) response to a single OBDII request to the BMU. This single response has info on voltage of each cell (16 bits per cell, their value to be divided by 1000). In the response, you will see a few series of 8 voltages followed by 'some other data' and then again a few series of 8 voltages and so on.

Logic suggests that cells are lined up in that response per module, but we can only be 100% sure after obtaining similar data from each of the CMUs and comparing the results. That is: if there are differences to notice.

I found one other numbering schema for the cells, which looks a bit odd, but could have serious relevance (ignore the leading numbers):

33.Cell 000 voltage
34.Cell 001 voltage
35.Cell 002 voltage
36.Cell 003voltage
37.Cell 004 voltage
38.Cell 005 voltage
39.Cell 006 voltage
40.Cell 007 voltage
45.Cell 012 voltage
46.Cell 013 voltage
47.Cell 014 voltage
48.Cell 015 voltage
49.Cell 016 voltage
50.Cell 017 voltage
51.Cell 018 voltage
52.Cell 019voltage
57.Cell 024 voltage
58.Cell 025 voltage
59.Cell 026 voltage
60.Cell 027voltage
61.Cell 028 voltage
62.Cell 029 voltage
63.Cell 030 voltage
64.Cell 031 voltage
69.Cell 036 voltage
70.Cell 037 voltage
71.Cell 038 voltage
72.Cell 039 voltage
73.Cell 040 voltage
74.Cell 041 voltage
75.Cell 042voltage
76.Cell 043voltage
81.Cell 048 voltage
82.Cell 049 voltage
83.Cell 050voltage
84.Cell 051 voltage
85.Cell 052 voltage
86.Cell 053 voltage
87.Cell 054 voltage
88.Cell 055 voltage
105.Cell 072 voltage
106.Cell 073 voltage
107.Cell 074 voltage
108.Cell 075 voltage
109.Cell 076 voltage
110.Cell 077 voltage
111.Cell 078 voltage
112.Cell 079 voltage
117.Cell 084 voltage
118.Cell 085 voltage
119.Cell 086 voltage
120.Cell 087 voltage
121.Cell 088 voltage
122.Cell 089 voltage
123.Cell 090 voltage
124.Cell 091 voltage
129.Cell 096 voltage
130.Cell 097 voltage
131.Cell 098 voltage
132.Cell 099 voltage
133.Cell 100 voltage
134.Cell 101 voltage
135.Cell 102 voltage
136.Cell 103 voltage
141.Cell 108 voltage
142.Cell 109 voltage
143.Cell 110 voltage
144.Cell 111 voltage
145.Cell 112 voltage
146.Cell 113 voltage
147.Cell 114 voltage
148.Cell 115 voltage
153.Cell 120 voltage
154.Cell 121 voltage
155.Cell 122 voltage
156.Cell 123 voltage
157.Cell 124 voltage
158.Cell 125 voltage
159.Cell 126 voltage
160.Cell 127 voltage
Extremely valuable insight. Hopefully once some members here have gotten the revised MY2019 car with the 2.4L engine, 94hp rear motor & 13.8 kWh battery would chime in on how it differentiates from the earlier models in the future.

Here's some photos of the drive and battery parts of the '19 Outlander. All photos were taken today at the Genava Motor Show.










eriklouise said:

Here's some photos of the drive and battery parts of the '19 Outlander. All photos were taken today at the Genava Motor Show.

Hi eriklouise,

Thanks for those photos of the drive and battery parts of the '19 Outlander.

They are very interesting IMHO.

Regards Trex.
Wow, really a lot of info showing what an interesting car this is from a technical perspective. I noticed that the battery of the 2019 model at the Geneva motor show doesn’t have a service plug. Is that gone or just not there on the show model?
Thanks for all the contributions Guys - Great collections of Outlander PHEV operation and user thoughts. Would be great to continue this or start another on the newer generation 23 model with the integration of the heat pump, larger HV pack and different processor protocols as well as lane keeping. Regretfully, I have not found anything useful on this newer generation model.

If anyone has any tech or links it would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards - Mike
Thanks for the appreciation folks of the time consuming effort I put into this thread. Hope others or myself can add to it over time especially about the new 2023 model.

I did ask my local dealer for a copy of the training CD for their service staff that provided some of the material I provide in this thread and Anko had a similar copy but was in Dutch that he provided me that supplied the rest (in the early days).

Suggest someone asks their dealer to see if we can find something similar for the new PHEV. I will certainly try to remember to ask my dealer but I do NOT own the latest model PHEV which may make it harder to obtain for me.