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Nov 30, 2013
Nothing against my Outlander friends from across the pond, but are there any other US owners here?

One would think this vehicle is being sold in England and Australia only.
Lots - the rest of us can't get a word in edgewise sometimes. They must be on holiday at the moment. :cool:
As of Ground Hog day my Wife and I became owners of a new Outlander PHEV SEL. Being from the US I am metrically challenged but so far happy with the EV range of the car having obtained 45 miles of electric only driving on the first full charge!

Checking back to see if there are any more 2023 US Owners on this site. I have noticed on the Autotrader that the availability seems to be picking up. I no longer have to search out over 500 miles to find one! All is well so far after one week with the car.
Hello Fellow Outlander PHEV owners/enthusiasts - We just purchased a 2023 MOP SEL in Colorado. This is my second PHEV and I'm looking forward to many miles of mostly EV driving. :cool:
We went from BEV to PHEV mainly because of some long upcoming road trips and I don’t feel confident with the current state of the US charging infrastructure! The Outlander should be a good fit for our needs since most of our daily driving is less than 40 miles.
Adding myself to the "me too" list :) We got our 2023 PHEV GT-Premium in late Jan/23 to replace our 2020 PHEV which had been involved a minor accident. Well, it slide off the road when my wife could not stop going down a hill. Two airbags went off and she ended up 20ft over an embankment. Not a scratch on her---but the car was a write off. We have a wonderful dealer, Cranbrook Mitsubishi, in Cranbrook British Columbia and he got us into this new car. Had some waiting to do, but they were very generous in supplying us with a loaner! Good price with none of the BS markups and extra bits and pieces. Can't say enough good about the dealer!

Getting on to the car. Love it. Still working though a few "why did they do this" issues, but it's mostly minor. I am disappointed by the poor interior lighting in the back-seats and the cargo area ... I'll have to find some LED replacements for that! We just did a 500km trip over the weekend to Calgary and had some crappy snow/ice roads to deal with and had no problems. Managed around 7.5l/100km fuel economy, but there was very little high speed freeway driving involved.

I really look forward to getting summer tires back on and going for an extended road trip in the summer!
Another one on the "Me Too list"
we got the 2023 MOP SEL Premium earlier this month. Recently take road trip from LA to SF , 1,100 miles mostly highway driving 65-75 mph
we only charge using EVgo 3 times, 0-80 % about 30-35 minutes.
The rest of the trip we used the CHARGE and SAVE functions.

Average mileage : 32.2 mpg
Very impressed with the ride Quality, the EV torque and the driving dynamics S-AWC works great. And we don't use the Power option, just Normal in city and Eco on highway cruising speed.
much better than the 2022 ICE version
We will be doing a 3K mile round trip up to New Hampshire and back in May. Hoping to get at least 35 mpg for that trip but probably wont do any fast charging stops. I will search for hotels with level 2 charging for overnight stops.
We just bought a 2018 PHEV Outlander. After charging it all last night (normal) it's telling me that it will get 18 miles on battery. I was hoping it would get more like 50 miles on electric only. Any experiences?

and yes we are in the U.S. (South Carolina)
wpf said:
We just bought a 2018 PHEV Outlander. After charging it all last night (normal) it's telling me that it will get 18 miles on battery. I was hoping it would get more like 50 miles on electric only. Any experiences?

and yes we are in the U.S. (South Carolina)
It depends on ambient temperature, how the car was driven before (it estimates based on previous drive data) and battery health.
50 miles is out of question even for a brand new 2018 and warm temperature. If you get 28-30 in summer your battery is ok for a 2018 vehicle.
So far so good after 3 months and 2k miles with our 23 Outlander. The 3rd row seating works well for kids. Tried doing a Chademo charge for the first time but that failed. I suspect the charger was not working? First road trip coming up in a couple more weeks.
Hi everybody. 2023 PHEV owner from San Diego :D

If you come across a gray PHEV driving like a grandpa in San Diego, it's probably me trying to see how many miles I can get on EV alone, so don't tailgate me :lol: I drive completely differently in my Model Y. lol

Got the car in feb. Driven 1200 miles on it, and only filled the car once. Was able to squeeze out 50 miles on a charge once (got a lot of middle fingers), but usually average around 35 miles.
Coming up on 6 months and 6,000 miles and all is well! It will be going in next week for the first oil change. I would probably do it myself but dealer says the first oil change is covered under warranty.
Just picked up a 2018 SEL in Florida. I charged it fully for the first time last night, this morning it said 9 miles of range. Hoping it's based on the last owner's poor driving habits, and I can get the milage up.
Hi all, just purchased a gently used 2019 GT with ~22,000 miles. This is my first post on the forum and first PHEV. I'm coming from Subarus and a Chevy Bolt and we're holding on to the Bolt for a daily driver and expanding to a family of four next week so the Outlander will be the family road trip car along with lesser distance daily driving.

I already have a 50 amp lv 2 charger installed for the Bolt but it seems like the Outlander only had about 12 miles estimated EV range at the dealership. Is this 'normal' for expected range? I was under the understanding that ~22 miles was a full charge. If so, would I have options for battery replacement as the vehicle should be warranted to 100,000 miles based on my understanding of the federal government regulations for BEVs?