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 Post subject: Range Calculation and battery use, apparent inconsistency
PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:34 am 

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Greetings all,

I have a US-spec 2018 PHEV.

It has a 12 KWH main battery and I drive it as a daily commuter on a 36 mile commute (round trip). Commute is via back roads and secondary highways. maximum speed limit enroute is 45 mph. Average speed is probably 18-25 mph, depending on traffic. Moderate hills. Slightly more uphill going to work than returning home. Calculated range leaving home in the morning is generally about 29 miles.

My habit has been to use battery save mode on the way to work in the morning to preserve range for the trip home. If I start my commute home with 19 mile estimated range I usually arrive home with less than one mile indicated range remaining. I then charge in my garage overnight. Have cut gasoline usage to about 2-3 gallons every other week.

Today I have an opportunity to charge near work for free before my return commute so I did not use battery save on the way to work. I arrived at work with 9 miles indicated range for my return commute (about 1/3 battery remaining), so I used about 20 miles estimated range for an actual 18-mile drive. This is generally consistent with my observed battery usage on my return commute described above. Estimated range seems to rebound a bit (i.e., add 1-2 miles estimated range) while the car sits parked all day.

Question is, efficiency monitoring software says I achieved 4.4 miles/KWH this morning. It's usually a similar number. Algebra says that 18 miles (actually driven, or 20 miles capacity used) / 4.4 miles/KWH means I consumed between about 4.1 to 4.5 KWH. I know that the battery capacity I actually can access under normal conditions is less than 12 KWH. Posts elsewhere on the site seem to indicate that it is around 70% of that or 8.4 KWH. If that's the case, then I'd expect remaining battery to be half full rather than one third full, which would also mean that my range would be about 36 miles, and I know it is not.

Am I misunderstanding the efficiency calculation? If so, how? Is my estimate of usable battery capacity wrong? What should it be?

Trying to calculate potential for charging and cost to eliminate all work-related gasoline usage.



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