14 mile range for 2018 Outlander PHEV, normal?

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I have NEVER had anything less than 18 miles on the range...or I will sue the seller...This is my car down to a manually worked out accuracy plus info on the dash......Despite my vehicle being 8 years old and done 43,000 miles, I still get 26 miles in the Summer and 20 miles on a cold winter's day. Travelling at 20 or 30mph is best [as in any car EV or Diesel]. I always coast as slowing the vehicle down either by Bo-B5 or braking wastes energy. Unfortunately there are obstructions, Pheasants, Traffic lights, Tail backs..and no matter how great the anticipation, you will eventually still have to slow down and brake without crashing. The best option would be to coast, and have such heightened anticipation that you never brake. There you are question answered, changing from one form of energy [Kinetic] to another is no good..so ideally let gravity and friction slow the vehicle down. However even with the greatest of anticipation, YOU HAVE TO BRAKE at some point. So do you choose brake of R0-R5? I have looked at the amount of charging, and R5, in you need to slow down quickly, and R5 would be preferred, as braking in the Outlander PHEV converts less than R5 which converts more. On a downhill, clear run, do not accelerate, do not use B5 or any regeneration...just let it roll. I am doing more than 32 miles...where the MPG is just --- which means that it is doing more than 99mpg. After around 35 miles, the MPG starts to record--90mpg.......88mpg.....and around 50mile run...it has dropped to 75mpg. 50 miles mind. Anything more than 100 miles run, drops the efficiency to 30mpg [without charging]. I do around 150 miles per week, and only have to top up unleaded petrol every six months or so [about 23 litres] that is provided I top the battery up every 32 miles.
Our 2020 Outlander 2.4 PHEV in the summer on local roads we occasionally could see as high as 32 miles, the majority of the time 28/30 miles, if we hit the motorway this at 60mph drop of to around 24 miles.

In the winter with no heating on around 26 miles, soon as you put the heater on weather dependant it could drop to 14/18 miles.

On fast A roads/motorways at 60mph on petrol around 36mpg.

I the summer over a 178 miles journey towing our 1500kg caravan at a steady 50mph on E5 we would regularly see 28/30 mpg, at 60mpg this would drop to around 24/25mpg. When E10 was introduced 50mph it dropped to around 26mpg. Towing in EV we would see around 14/16 miles in the summer.

In August last year we decided to replace the Outlander PHEV with a Suzuki Across PHEV.
Get a Bluetooth code reader and the "PHEV Watch" app. Then you can read the actual battery condition. Less than 70%, warranty replacement.
What is the PHEV watch app as I can’t find it on the App Stor, is it available on Apple?
My US version of 2018 PHEV got about 14 EV miles without heat and down to 12 miles with heat on in winter. The US window sticker listed it as 22 EV miles brand new.