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Feb 3, 2023
Central Florida
I installed a new smart chamberlain garage door opener that is MyQ compatible over the weekend. Downloaded the MyQ app to my Wife’s IPhone and got the garage door working thru the MyQ app. After that I linked the Mitsubishi Connect App to MyQ and got the door to open/close via the MMC App. After that I attempted to open the garage door via CarPlay on the infotainment screen.

The MMC App failed to open via CarPlay responding with “ Not signed in, please sign in to your IOS phone. “ At this point I signed in to the IPhone but still not able to open MMC via CarPlay. Later on I discovered that if you unlock the phone prior to starting the car the Mitsubishi Connect App will function as intended.

Me and my Wife both see this as a workaround. Shouldn’t this App work thru CarPlay whether or not the phone is locked? I didn’t see anything in the settings that would make a difference. Wireless Carplay connects automatically as long as the phone is nearby and the other apps function without unlocking the phone.
Haven’t yet received reply back from Mitsubishi on this. I had to pay a subscription fee to get this feature so we are not satisfied having to use a workaround! I set up some Siri Shortcuts on my IPhone for opening and closing the garage door. These work even when the IPhone is locked which is what we were expecting using the MMC app via CarPlay. However, this required yet another app called Livekey.
I called Mitsubishi Support help line but I don’t think the person that took my call really understood the problem even after I explained it to him several times! He referred it to MyQ support but I’ve heard nothing back from them either. I probably should try to reopen the case with Mitsubishi. In the meantime me and my Wife have just been using our IPhones to open and close our garage door using Siri commands.
Indeed the $30 fee for this poorly functioning system adds insult to injury. Why not design in the Homelink system that is standard issue on just about every Carr for the last 30 years. I wish Mitsubishi would fix their interface with the iPhone and the app.