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New member
Jul 17, 2016
Hi !
i have bought my Outlander 2016 last month , the problem is that when i use my usb i can play all mp3 files but the audio system does not show folders or playlist.
Can somebody help me ? I live in Sweden.
I found that I had to remove accents and odd characters from the MP3 filenames in order for files to be seen. Also if the names were too long they couldn't be seen.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for your answer , the problem is not the name of mp3 s names because i can see the name of each mp3 file that is playing , my problem is that i cant browse to folders or use a playlist .
The whole ipod, usb stick and SD card system is a joke. I spent ages trying to make playlists and folders and here is what I learnt, others may have had a better experience.
1. Forget the ipod and usb stick.
2. Buy a very good quality SD card (I use a Sandisk extreme) This is important as I had problems with other cards.
3. Playlists have to be in .wma format but I could not get them to work.

What I did was just name a folder as a playlist and put all tracks inside that folder. I have about 10 folders (playlists) and about 10,000 tracks and it works fine.