'EV system service required' when Chademo charging stops

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Oct 24, 2022

I've seen the same error reported by several people, but the conditions seems different so here is my scenario. Maybe somebody can give a hint.

Occasionally, when I use Chademo then when the charging stops the process somehow fails and I get the 'EV System service required" error. Driving distances are not displayed and the car enters to some degraded mode. Can be driven; EV driving seems ok, slow charging works, fast charging I didn't try. Engine works, but with limited power.
The problem popped up about 3 times in 2 years, but it always happened with the same charger station. I used other stations (CHAdeMO) as well. I am not sure about the numbers, maybe 30% of my fast charging happened with this station.
After this I need to take the car to the garage, they clear the error and things are working again. This was the point, when we went deeper and I asked for a solution. They proposed replacing some module within the battery and with that the CHAdeMO cable has to be replaced as well. The cost is high and I am not convinced that there is a problem within the car and their proposed fix will work.

As a summary
1. problem happened only with one charger so far (3 times in 2 years)
2. it happens when the charging stops and there some clicking/communication is happening in that stop process
3. when the error is present, then the cars enter to degraded mode
4. after clearing the error the car works without any problem

At this point I am not using that charger anymore, but I am bit afraid to use fast charging in general.

Hi there,

I've just had the exact same issue occur with my 2013 Japan import to nz.

Ev system service required warning after chademo charging stopped.

I've tried to turn the Car on /off many times to reset.

Any idea how to clear the fault code, without paying an expensive garage to do this?

Sorry no but no change. I always had to take it to a garage to clear the error code.

This is what they've told.

The error code is P101B, which comes from the internal battery contactor. To fix this the quick charge side must be replaced including the entire connector. Estimated cost is about 3000 EUR.

That cost is too high and at the same time they didn't offer any warranty for the fix. so they didn't know if it will help or not. Since then I didn't use the Chademo charger. I will try it later cause I still think that this is due to some issue between that specific charger and my car, but then it seems my situation is rare, but not unique.

If your garage will figure something out, then please let me know as well. I'd happy to hear it.

littlescrote said:
Disconnect the Auxiliary battery (12V in boot) for 30s.

Thanks for the answer. I will try that next time. Do you know anything about what causing this problem? Is there anything to replace or reprogram?
At any rate, why use the ChaDeMo charger at all? In the manual, Mitsubishi warns about using it regularly, as it will degrade the battery.
Will it physically degrade the battery, or is it just that using it regularly will cause the BMS's guess on battery health to slip further from reality as it doesn't balance the cells?
So, it seems that nobody experienced similar problems. Not a good news for me. :?
We have the same problem. Only had car 2 months (2020 Phev) drove home from garage on purchase with no charge and no charging cable so stopped at chademo charging point at car park. We had same charging issues tried to charge but stopped after few seconds and got charging error with flashing red light on dashboard. Got garage to provide replacement home 3 pin charger and that worked and can use Type 2 to Type 1 chargers but not chademo. Garage have just reset the flashing light and we tried charging at chademo charger as got car back with no charge but same charging for seconds stops and now error message.