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Aug 30, 2015
Hi all, wondering if anyone can help with an iPod connectivity problem.
Have had the car about a month, and generally I think the MMCS is OK. It’s no world beater, but I certainly don’t find it as bad as it’s made out to be on these forums.
However, one area that I do find poor is the iPod interface. I like to have it on random, but every time I start the car it restarts the current song, and then refuses to play randomly for several minutes. Generally it completes the song, starts the next one, then restarts the second song and that’s the point at which random play then seems to work.
Although that was mildly irritating, it has now got worse in that it won’t play randomly at all. I updated some songs on the iPod and when I reconnected it, it refuses to play anything other than alphabetical song order. When I go into the menu, I can see all the ‘Songs’, but all the options for Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre simply state ‘No File’. I’ve left it connected for ages but it still refuses to complete these options or to play randomly. I have re-connected it several times, reset the iPod, and I even restored the iPod completely, and put all the music back on it again, but still have the same problem.
As well as not playing randomly, this issue also means that I can’t search for a specific artist. On the screen, choosing that option says that there is no file, and when I try to use the voice input it says that ‘This option is not available while the system compiles USB data’.
Any thoughts or suggestions ? The iPod has about 14Gb of music on it, around 2800 songs, so is it normal that it should take the car hours to compile this list of data ?