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Dec 14, 2014
Hi, to whom it may concern,

Three weeks ago, suddenly, the touch screen of the MPSS from my Mishi Outlander PHEV 2020 started to function randomly. It was at such extent that in one hour it was impossible to use the MPSS at all.
I called the vendor's support, and they invite me to check the SN of the MPSS. They confirmed the MPSS was under warranty, and all finished by “we will call you once MITSUBISHI will advise if yes or no, they agree to replace the MPSS”. How long shall I wait, nobody could give an answer.
As I need the car with ALL its features, including nav and media, I decided to remove and open the MPSS. With some nylon spudger/opener and care, one may do it without damaging the vehicle.
Once the MPSS open and few tests, I understood that the Pb comes from the touch screen "digitizer" itself. I ordered a new equivalent one from a Chinese vendor and fortunately I replaced the faulty one. It works perfectly for one week in cold and humid conditions actually winter in EU.
I just wanted to share with you in case you face same problem I want to solve it. Of course, MTSUBISHI will argue that once opened, you will lose the warranty. One may answer that the warranty has also obligation from the constructor as well, known as service level agreement and includes reparation delay. So...
Feel free to contact me if interested,