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Apr 9, 2023
Hi. Bought my Outlander PHEV in April with 176600 miles on the clock. We have charging stations at work and this is free. I charge at home after 12.30 which is a cheap rate. I get about 20-25 miles to a charge.

It’s 2015 model GX3H in white.

The front seats were torn so bought a whole facelift interior. The drivers seat I bought had the electric motors on it and both front seats had heated seats. The good thing is, that all the wiring for the drivers electric seat and heated seats was all there so it just plugged in. I had to buy a heated fronts seats switch that goes behind the parking brake. All the wires were there also. At first they didn’t work. The fusebox under the glovebox needed a relay. I fitted it and hey presto, I have heated seats.,

I also bought a MMCS unit to replace the basic one. Again, all the wiring was there. The only thing I had to buy was a GPS aerial, which I mounted under the dash board. All the plugs where there and works fine.

The tailgate didn’t have a reverse camera. The wiring for this was behind the o/s/r panel in the boot. I bought a Mitsubishi camera. Had to drill the tailgate to fit the camera. I also had to wire a 4 wire loom in the tailgate through the grommet to the plug connector. This at first didn’t work. Tried a friends launch machine to see if I needed to code it. There were some coding that I could change, which didn’t make a difference. After disconnecting the 12v battery and refitting it worked.

I noticed that there were plug connectors on the n/s/r of the boot and I was sure this was for power boot. I looked at where the switches would be in the from and by the 12v socket and all the plugs where there, so I bought the power boot switch’s, they plugged straight in. I bought the motor. I had to buy a tailgate loom. This was from a facelift so the plugs were different, but going through the wire loom I managed to suss it out. I managed to get hold of the tailgate sensors as well. Had to change the lock catch to the motorised one. The trim had to be cut, but luckily there were marks on the inside showing where to cut.

Power tailgate all works fine. Obviously I can’t open on the key as my key only has lock and unlock.,The only issue I have at the moment is that on a factory power gate, when you touch the tailgate handle the tailgate opens using the motor, mine doesn’t. I assume there is some kind of coding. I connected a launch diagnosis system and there is coding in the ETACS. When I change this I can actually get the tailgate to open from the handle, so I thought great, but I seem to get ABS,ETC warnings and they don’t go away, even if you try to delete them, for some reason the coding interferes with the braking system?? To get rid of the faults, I have to disconnect the 12v battery and brake fault clears, but also the tailgate handle coding goes away. Anyway, it works from the switch at the front which is good enough for me. Need to do a bit more research into the tailgate handle.

I know this is a bit long, but this is what I have done so far. I will add photos soon. Thanks