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Locking 2020 with hatch open

Just made an interesting discovery today. Figured I better share (mostly in case I forget and need a reminder).

If you have the hatch open and try to lock the doors by pressing the button on the door, it will fail and issue an annoying sound. I always cursed this since I often stop the car, open the hatch, get out, unload, and then need to close the hatch and then lock the doors. A complete PIA. Especially when juggling stuff I don't want to rest on the ground and trying to locate the key-fob in my jacket.

But, today I discovered that I can:
- open the hatch from inside,
- get out, close the door,
- hit <lock> on the key-fob,
- go to the back and get my stuff out,
- hit the close button on the hatch ... and,
- the doors stay locked and the hatch closes.

Wish I'd know about this a year ago ... my heart would now be in better shape, but I would have lost the opportunities to curse engineers.

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