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Dec 18, 2018
Recently the button that automatically closes the rear tailgate stopped working. Now when I hit the button I get 4 beeps and nothing happens.

Anyone know how I could have accidentally disabled this?


*** RESOLVED ***

Turns out there is a button near the cigarette lighter (2018 model) that can be used to enable/disable the automatic tailgate. I must have hit it accidentally at some point and never noticed it.

Now if I could get the sensors to stop beeping while the car is in park .......
This happens to me on a regular basis i have to open it once by hand then it works fine until the next time
The tailgate button still works fine on mine and the button on the dash to the right hand of the steering wheel too. But the remote 'plipper' tailgate facility has always been somewhat random in its willingness to respond to my wishes. We are lazy these days aren't we! Four ways to open the tailgate (if you include the 'manual' option - you know, hands and arms) how do we manage.
Since day one, the remote key's button never work. I always have to use the button at the tailgate.
Mitch said:
Remote: unlock, tap tailgate twice.

100% working for me.

My only (very) slight gripe is the s-l-o-w rate at which the tailgate opens - Jags and Volvos (at least) seem to open up roughly twice as fast. This means you have to operate it from quite a way off in order for it to be open when you reach the car and I've sometimes been 'out of range' and had to press more than twice. (I've recently replaced the battery in my 'main' set of keys following 'battery low' warnings on the dash, so perhaps this will improve things.)
jaapv said:
Mitch said:
Remote: unlock, tap tailgate twice.

100% working for me.

Yes, but you need to space the taps more or less correctly. Too fast or too slow won't work.

That's probably the problem of that stupid key fob. We gave up trying, including my son who drove it most of the time to college. Our Rx responded without a blink, whichever way you press that button just once, light or hard.
richr said:
Check the sensor strips (along the sides where it rests on the bodywork) are clean and undamaged. The manual mentions that it'll put itself into manual mode if it thinks there an obstruction repeatedly.

Hmm, I tried looking for these strips you mention. Couldn't find anything that might be unclean or damaged.

How do I get it back to automatic from manual mode? Is it in the manual? If so, will take a look.
Hi all,
Thank you very much for resolving this issue I’ve had for some days, with my Outlander.
I was tearing my hair out but it just took a Google search to take me to this page for which I am truly grateful.
Mitch said:
Remote: unlock, tap tailgate twice.

100% working for me.

Fantastic! :D Since I got my Exy 2 years ago, I've never had the remote boot opener working but when I saw this, I went out and gave it a bash and...it works! This will save me a few seconds when doing the shopping ( :lol: ) but it also gives me a chance to show off the Exy in front of the wife ;)