FCM and LDW disabled "dealer cannot fix"

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Sep 14, 2023
End of 2016 start of 2017 Outlander GX4hs.

I lent the car to my sister for a weekend and while using it she charged it at a Chademo fast charge. The charge stopped half way through but there was no warning why and it was assumed the account ran out of credit. However, she then noticed that the car was looking for an EV service and the dashboard was lit up like a christmas tree with warning lights. The car went into limp mode and wouldn't charge at any other stations.

However it did charge at my home charge point.

I had it already booked in for a service as it was due, so I contacted the mitsubishi garage to tell them what had happened.

The garage did the standard service and cell smoothing etc. And also replaced some break parts.

However, they were unable to recalibrate the sensors for the FCM and LDW despite trying three or four times.

They called me to ask if I'd had the windscreen replaced as that can sometimes be the issue. ( I have not and I bought the car second hand in 2019 so it's been fine for four years) the only time I've had the FCM disable is while driving in snow or torrential rain as many others have.

They also asked if I had crashed it because tiny distortions to the front grille can cause issues with the camera and sensor lineup. I haven't and it was fine before, they also said they could see no visual evidence of damage but that it could be microscopic distortion not visible to the naked eye.

At this point they'd had my car for a week and the bill was serious money. They said they could keep looking but they've had cases where it often resolves itself etc. And it would cost me a lot of money. So I said to leave it as I didn't have much faith in them to sort it out.

Since getting it back I've been looking through forums etc and have tried cleaning sensor areas, cameras etc. I've been looking at the 12v battery which is generally clocking between 11.9 and 12.3 on the multimeter depending on time of day which the garage says is fine.

My assumption is that something was fried when the Chademo cut out, the question is what and how to track it down since I'm not an election or a mechanic, even if I'm handy enough.

I'm at a bit of a loss with what to do now to keep trouble shooting. Any suggestions welcome.

Also, I would assume if the sensor itself was faulty that would come up on the system with an error code for the garage?
It's time to replace your 12V starter battery, those voltage levels indicate a worn out battery.

An old, weak or worn out 12V battery will cause a multitude of faults in an electric or hybrid car, especially in the charging or starting sequence. The main pack contactors require a strong 12V in order to hold the coil current steady. All of the ECUs have low voltage power supplies created from the 12V battery.
Thanks for the replies so far. Currently sourcing a new 12V will report back if it fixes the issue or not in a few days. Very annoyed with the main Mitsubishi dealer who told me a new 12v would be €800 and could do basic checks to see what the actual issue was.
Well, brand new HJ-S46B24L(S) YUASA 12V put in today. Left it 10 mins between disconnecting and hooking up the batteries, to give it time to clear, but the errors are still there. And the Automatic
Cruise Control is not working which is the main thing I want back in order! Any other suggestions or things to check?
I realised that since the battery was replaced the LDW warning is not coming on. It's just the FCM "temporarily unavailable" notice now. In daylight I've gone back over the front of the car to clean the camera and any of the sensor points. On this model the radar sensor is not where it is on other Mitsubishi cars behind the badge in the grille. It's on the right front close to the headlights. The 8638A114 collision sensor unit looks ok externally. But I have a limited view of it. I gave it a wipe off as best I could, and I can see by the clips that are broken on the dirt shield that the garage must have tried to have a look at it. Not sure why they wouldn't have tried replacing it or something tho see if it's failed. Pretty miffed at the Mitsubishi Garage not being able or willing to look into this more. Going to try and contact Mitsubishi / another garage and see if they can do anything with it. Extremely frustrating.