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New member
Jan 24, 2023
Hi everyone,

We have a 2015 Mitsubishi Phev, I fitted a kenwood head unit a few years ago. On the Remote App I’m able to setup charging times. However on the App you’re not able to setup location based charging. My question is, if I plugged the original head unit back again and setup location based charging would the Phev keep this info when I change the head unit back to the Kenwood.

Basically trying to find out is the location based stuff stored directly in the car or the head unit.

Or any other way around this?

The reason being when at home we only want it to charge during daylight hours as we have solar panels. Then when our and about happy for it to charge anytime.
Pretty sure there is no such option as 'location based' charging settings.
Surely you can set it to just charge anytime and if the solar panels stop providing enough power it will just sit there plugged in but not charging? Or am I missing something here?
When you set up charging in the app do you set it for a full charge or just for a specific time?