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Nov 10, 2020
The Electrical Power Steering warning light has come on. We've hardly used the car in the last 3 months so not sure why. The local Mitsubishi garage (Masters in Croydon) says to bring it in to have a look at it (the manual says I should bring the car in) but they will charge £126 diagnostic charge to investigate the problem. I can't recall whether the warning light came on before or after I washed the car - wonder if this affected anything?

The light is amber and the guys at the Mitsu garage said the car is still ok to drive if the light is amber - rather than red. As I'm a bit wary of driving the car several miles to them if the steering is dodgy.

Has anyone else experienced this please? ie. do I have to pay the 126 pound if it's something simple?

Just in case this is a factor - I recently charged the battery to 30 miles as it hadn't been charged at the wall socket for ages - the car won't use the EV charge until i fill it up with petrol though as the old petrol hasn't been used enough, so the car has defaulted to using up the old petrol until I dilute it with new petrol. This seems a bit counter intuitive though, as I'd have thought the car would use electrical charge until I could top up with new petrol, to help save damaging the engine with old fuel.

Your wise advice gratefully accepted - especially if you can enlighten today please - otherwise will be taking to the Mitsu garage tomorrow am.